Drill bits for concrete and masonry

SDS-plus drill bit
HERMAN DC-20 Turbo
For building materials

Quick drill for concrete and masonry with double-edged carbide insert and centering tip
from 2,85 excl. VAT
Sada vrtákov SDS plus HERMAN Sada tvrdokovových vrtákov SDS plus 300500021

SDS-plus drill bit set
4 drill bits in set

HERMAN DC-20 Turbo drill bits with SDS-plus shank in set : TOP 4 most used diameters
17,12 excl. VAT

Hollow core

Detachable lightweight drill bits with SDS-plus attachment for hammerless and hammer drilling in masonry and concrete
from 91,49 excl. VAT

SDS-max Drill bit
For drill hammers

Concrete and masonry drill with double-edged carbide insert, two side bits and centering tip
from 64,98 excl. VAT

Hammer hollow core

Heavy duty drill bits with SDS-max attachment for hammerless and hammer drilling in masonry and concrete
from 118,64 excl. VAT

Classic masonry drill bit
HERMAN DC-50 Classic
Standard for brick and masonry

Drill bits with carbide insert for drilling in masonry, brick and lower strength building materials
from 1,22 excl. VAT
Sada vídiových vrtákov HERMAN Sada vídiových vrtákov 300500002

Masonry drill bit set
5 pcs drill bits in set

HERMAN DC-50 Classic cylindrical shank drill bits in set : TOP 5 most used diameters
8,18 excl. VAT

Universal drill bit
HERMAN DC-60 UniCraft
In brick, wood, glass...

Universal drill bits with carbide inserts ground with diamond. For drilling in a variety of materials
from 7,83 excl. VAT
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