Cross laser
Beam range 30 m

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Self-leveling laser with the ability to rotate in the horizontal plane in the range of 0-360°, with an accuracy of ±3 mm/10 m

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Rozmery krížového laseru LW 30


    Designed for drawing horizontal and vertical lines perpendicular to each other

    Automatic self-leveling position when the device is deviated in the range of ±4°

    In case of deviation outside the range of ±4°, a sound signal warns of the unacceptable position of the device

    Quick-release system for attaching the device to a tripod. The system is also compatible for mounting to commonly available tripods

    In some cases, it is not necessary to use a tripod:
    the possibility of fixing it with a strap (part of the delivery) to a pole or pole, or using a magnet (part of the delivery) to a metal surface

    In the case of high light intensity, the possibility of using glasses and a target (part of the delivery) for better visibility of the laser beam

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